Is your website smartphone compatible?

Smartphone usage and data consumption has quickly grown since 2010 and Australia has one of the highest rates of smartphone penetration in the world – 37% of the population use them.

At last count, there are over one billion smartphones in the world. Those are staggering numbers that can’t be ignored, which is where we come in. Blue Liquid Designs will ensure you do all the right things online to maximise your reach in the mobile market.

Mobile Website

Smartphones are changing the way people shop, with one in three Australians using their phones to search for local information, while a staggering 80% of local information seekers will reach out to a local business. People who do local searches on their smartphone are looking for information, and more importantly, are looking to buy. A standard website is designed for a viewing area three times the size of a smartphone screen, and makes it harder for your potential customers to find the information they need. Whereas a mobile site is specifically designed to get people the information they need while they’re on the run. Call us now and discuss making your site mobile compatible.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a different world to the traditional desktop-style advertising. There’s less screen real-estate which means smaller and fewer ads. That’s great news for businesses taking advantage of the mobile advertising market as there’s less competition per page. The numbers speak for themselves: 87% of smartphone users say they notice mobile ads and 33% say they’ve taken action as a direct result of a mobile ad. But just using your existing ad campaign on smartphones isn’t enough; 80% of businesses noticed an increase in their clickthrough rate (CTR) by creating mobile-specific ads. Find out more about paid advertising options.

Make it mobile compatible

Right now we’re offering a special deal on mobile websites. For $800, we’ll create a mobile-compatible version of your existing website. Contact us now and make it smartphone compatible.